For coaches

We wanted our app to have all of the features a fitness coach would ever need to manage their clients and their business - all at a super affordable price.

Below is a list of the sections in our app while in coach mode:

The calendar is a powerful section with a lot of functionality. It is where you plan your work schedule with your clients, and also your free time.

This is the largest section of the app while in coach mode. Here, you can create client accounts, manage their details, packages and nutrition targets, view their progress, and manage their workouts.

This section is important for analyzing how well your business is running, in terms of the number of bookings/sessions and your earnings per month. The data is represented in a chart and also as a table - both can be exported.


Just like when in regular mode - all of your notifications will appear here.

You can create as many packages for personal training and online coaching here. Give each one a name, a price, the number of sessions, and how long until it expires - the app will display the price per session automatically.

Want to give notes and share an instructional video for an exercise to a client, but don't want to have to repeat the entire process every time?

Do it once and create an exercise guide, then simply select it when adding that exercise to a client's workout and it'll show up on their end just like you did it manually!

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