Nutrition targets

Being able to create your own daily nutrition targets and use them on the days you want to is an important feature in our opinion. We've made it easy to do this in our app.

Main screen

Here you'll find a list of the nutrition targets you've saved. Each one has a value for calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat. They'll also show the starting date and scheduled days (if applicable), and whether they're the default target that is loaded automatically in the nutrition tracking section. Tapping on one will let you modify it.

Creating a new target

Tapping the blue plus button will take you to a new screen where you can create a new nutrition target. You can either use our calculator to generate a target for you based on some variables, or do it manually and enter the values yourself:


There are three widely used formulas that you can choose from: Harris-Benedict, Mifflin-St. Joer, and Katch-McArdle. Each will ask you for slightly different variables as they calculate a little differently from one another.

Once you have entered the values and tapped the green button, it'll give you three results: weight loss, maintenance, and weight gain. You are able to select one, give it a name, and then save it to your list of nutrition targets.

Quick tip: after saving a calculation result, it'll be the same as if you entered the values manually. You'll be able to set a start date, schedule it for certain days, and optionally select it as the default.

Please note: the results are generated using widely used formulas. They can often be inaccurate as we are all different and our actual requirements vary widely. The results should only be used as a rough estimate.

Manual entry

This tab lets you create a nutrition target manually, by giving it a name, entering a value for protein, carbohydrates and fat (calories are calculated automatically).

You can choose to make the target the default one so that it appears automatically on the nutrition tracking screen. You're also able to choose a start date and specify which days of the week you want this target to automatically be loaded in the nutrition tracker, if you wish.

Quick tip: setting a start date is great if you know when your food intake should change, e.g. the start of a weight loss diet. Scheduling the days the target will be used by default is great when certain days of the week have different requirements than other, e.g. refeed days.

Using nutrition targets

Nutrition targets can be used on the nutrition tab in the tracking section of the app. You can select the target you'd like to use by tapping on it and then selecting one that you've saved.

Quick tip: if you've selected start dates or scheduled days of the week for your nutrition targets, they'll be loaded automatically for those days so you don't need to select them manually each time - neat, huh?

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