In this section of our app, you can track your daily nutrition intake, progress pictures, and body measurements. If synced to your device's health data, you'll also see it here.

The content on this screen is divided among four tabs:

  • Nutrition tracking - search for food items and scan barcodes to find the food you're eating and add them to your diary.

  • Progress pictures - you can save multiple images for each date which is great for comparing to in the future to check your progress!

  • Body measurements - here you're able to record measurements for a variety of different things, such as body weight, muscle mass, body fat, etc.

  • Health data - if you sync your health data with our app, any workouts that you track on your wearable device will show up here for each day. It's nice having everything in one place!

Across all tabs is a date select box that lets you either go to the previous or next date, or search for a date.

Tapping on the menu button in the top-right of the screen will give you a couple of options:

  • Compare progress pics - enjoy our built-in feature that takes a before and after picture from your saved progress pics and automatically generates a collage of the two! You're able to scroll through pics saved for each date (if you have more than one for that date).

Quick tip: you can change the aspect ratio and text color, plus export to different platforms - great for sharing with your friends!

  • Manual macro entry - this is off by default, which lets you use our food search functionality to search for food items (and scan barcodes) when tracking your nutrition. If it is enabled, then you'll only be able to enter the calories and macronutrients for each day. This can be useful if you're tracking your nutrition outside of our app.

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