The calendar is a powerful section with a lot of functionality. It is where you plan your work schedule with your clients, and also your free time.

Main screen

This screen is divided in two: a calendar on one side of the screen, and a timetable of the selected date on the other side.


When there is at least one booking on a date, it'll appear with an orange outline in the calendar. You can tap on each date to show the bookings in the timetable, tap on the arrow buttons to go to the previous/next months, and tap on the date to select a month to view the bookings of.


The timetable is scrollable and has a slot for every hour of the day. Any bookings for the selected date in the calendar will appear here. You can tap on an empty slot to create a new booking for that time, or tap on an existing booking to modify it.

Each booking is color-coded depending on the type of booking it is:

  • Blue - personal training

  • Orange - online coaching

  • Green - consultation

  • Pink - other

Booking screen

Tapping on an empty slot or on an existing booking will take you to the booking screen. Here you can choose the start and end dates and times, select the type of booking, and the client and their available package (if applicable).

The types of bookings currently available are:

  • Personal training - a list of your clients will show and selecting one will display their available packages.

  • Online coaching - same as personal training.

  • Consultation - you'll be able to enter a description for this type.

  • Other - same as consultations, they're good for blocking out your schedule for personal events such as gym time, other appointments, etc.

Quick tip: when you create a booking for a client using their package, a session from that package will be deducted. This means that sessions are directly linked to the bookings you make in your calendar.

Sync with your device

The coach calendar in our app has the ability to sync with your device's default calendar. This means any bookings you create will automatically show up on your native calendar app which makes it great for alerts, reminders, and better integration with smart devices like Google Home or Apple Homekit (if applicable).

Quick tip: to sync the calendar with your device, go to the settings screen in our app, scroll all the way down to Integrations, and make sure that the switch for Calendar is activated.

Please note: if it's your first time syncing the calendar with your device, you'll be asked if you want to give permission to use your calendar. If you choose no, then you might need to manually go into your device's settings and activate it there.

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