Coach's workouts

If you have a coach that creates workouts for you in our app, the appearance of the workout details screen will change - letting you give feedback on the workout they created for you.

If you have an online coach, or a coach that creates your workouts for you using our app, then tapping on the workout from the main workouts screen will take you to a workout details screen with a different layout.

Since the workout has already been created for you, you'll see the workout and the details your coach left for you, such as the exercises, the sets/reps/weight/rest times, notes and instructional videos - but now you'll be able to optionally change the values, and tap on the checkbox to let them know you completed each set (or leave it if you didn't).

Quick tip: tapping on the box for an exercise's set will let you change the values of that set. This is great if you did more or less than what they wrote for you, or a certain weight wasn't available at the time.

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