Exercise guides

Add notes and an instructional video to an exercise that you can reuse when including that exercise in your client's workouts.

If you find yourself having to explain how to perform an exercise over and over again, especially with your online clients, then exercise guides are just for you. You can create one for each exercise, write notes for it and add an instructional video. Then whenever you use that exercise in any of your client's workouts, it'll be available to select and be shared with your client automatically.

Main screen

The main exercise guides screen is simple - just a list of your created guides with their exercise name, description, and an indicator if there is an attached video or not.

Exercise guide details screen

Tapping the orange plus button or on an existing guide will take you to this screen where you can select an exercise, write notes, and either upload a video file or share a link to a video on YouTube.

Using an exercise guide

To use an exercise guide, when you're editing a workout and have selected an exercise, go to the coach tab and at the top you'll see a checkbox next to the guide you created for that exercise. If you select the checkbox, your client will see the notes and video in the coach tab on their end, just like you did it manually.

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