This is the largest section of the app while in coach mode. Here, you can create client accounts, manage their details, packages and nutrition targets, view their progress, and manage their workouts.

Main screen

You'll see two tabs on this screen - one for active clients, and one for inactive clients. Active clients are those with sessions remaining in a package they own, and inactive clients are those who have no sessions available from any packages they own (or those without any packages at all).

Creating a client account

Tapping on the orange plus button will take you to a screen where you can create a new client account (as long as you have any remaining).

All client accounts require their first name and last name, while their email address and phone number are optional. If you don't enter their email address, they will not be able to log into their account, but you can add it in later if you wish.

Quick tip: adding your client's email address in their account will automatically create an account for them so they can log in and see all of their workouts and packages with you.

Client details screen

While on the main clients screen, tapping on the round info button on the right side of the client's name will take you to the client details screen.

Here there are four tabs:


Similar to the dashboard when in regular mode, this screen lets you quickly see the progress your client is making, and also gives you access to view and export their progress charts.

Their phone number and email address are also visible, and there are buttons that let you quickly call or email them, as long as this information is saved in their account.


On this screen, you'll see a list of all of the packages your client has purchased from you. It includes all of the package's information such as price, number of sessions, etc. It also displays the number of sessions remaining and if and when it is expired.

Nutrition targets

Just how you're able to create nutrition targets for yourself, you can also create them for your clients. This is very useful when your client uses our nutrition tracking to log their food intake as they'll be able to use the targets you create directly in that section to help them stick to the plan.

Exercise progress

This works in the same way as the exercise progress section when not in coach mode, except it is for the exercises your client has performed.


While on the main clients screen, tapping on a client's name will take you to the workouts section of the app for that client. This works in almost exactly the same way as the workouts section while not in coach mode - you can create workouts, add exercises, specify the weight/reps/sets, and give notes and instructional videos to your client.

Quick tip: workouts that you create for your client will show up on the workouts screen with a pale blue ribbon, making it easy to tell the difference between the ones you created for them, and the ones they created themselves.

Client's feedback

When you create workouts for your clients, they'll be able to give you feedback as described in this section of the user guide. After they've completed the workout and given feedback within the app, this is how it'll look for you both:

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