Adding/editing exercises

Adding an exercise

Tapping on the add exercise button on the workout details screen will take you to a screen where you can search for an exercise (or create one) and add it to your workout.

There are three tabs on this screen, one for searching for an exercise, one with a list of your recent exercises, and one with your most frequently used exercises.

Exercise details screen

Just like the workout details screen, the exercise details screen has three tabs: sets, details, and coach.

Sets tab

This is where you'll enter all of the details about each exercise of your workout:

  • Weight - the options for this are kilograms (kg), pounds (lbs), other, and percentage (%). Other is useful if you're using machines that don't use actual weights but the number of weight plates, for instance.

  • Duration - the options for this are repetitions (reps), seconds (sec), meters (m), and feet (ft).

  • Rest - you can enter a number for the amount of rest in seconds after this set.

  • RPE (rate of perceived excursion/effort) - you can select a number from 1 to 10 that represents how difficult the set felt. This is a great indicator of how close to you maximum the set was.

Similar to the workout details screen, there are also three floating buttons at the bottom of the exercise details screen:

  • Exercise history (dark blue) - this shows a dialog with two lists for this exercise; one in descending order of every time you did this exercise, and the other in descending order of the maximum weight you used for this exercise. Both lists show the date, weight and reps for each time.

  • Add a set (light blue) - this duplicates the last set (or just creates a blank one if there aren't any).

  • Save changes (green) - this saves your edits and returns back to the workout details screen.

Quick tip: tapping the garbage icon in a set's box will delete that set from the exercise.

Details tab

You're able to write any notes you have about this exercise here, plus upload a video or link a YouTube video to the exercise.

This is super useful for checking your technique in the future, or to show your coach if they are using this app to coach you!

Coach tab

If you have a coach using this app, they can give you notes for this exercise plus attach instructional videos here.

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