Our comprehensive workout tracking features makes it easy to create, update, copy, and move workouts - so you can save time doing so.

Main screen

On the main workouts screen, you'll see a list of your past workouts with a summary of each of their exercises, weight, reps, and rest times.

By default, you'll see a list of each exercise plus its sets underneath. If you want more of a compact layout, you can just show the exercises by changing the "Workout summaries" option in the settings screen.

On the main workouts screen, you're also able to search for past workouts by the date or by a title you've given them. Dates can be searched by a single one or a range.

Workout details screen

On this screen, the title is the date of the workout; the menu button in the top-right corner allows you to move, copy and delete the workout, and there are three floating buttons at the bottom.

The floating buttons at the bottom of the screen are (from left to right):

  • Previous workouts button (dark blue) - this brings up a little dialog with a scrollable list of your previous workouts, similar to the main workouts screen.

Quick tip: tapping on an exercise in the previous workouts dialog will let you copy it and its info to the workout you're editing - great for saving time!

  • Add exercise button (light blue) - this takes you to another screen to add an exercise to the workout.

  • Save workout button (green) - this saves your edits and takes you back to the main workouts screen.

The main content of this screen is inside the three tabs: exercises, details, and coach.

Exercises tab

This is where a list of the workout's exercises will be, including information about its sets, reps, weights and rest times.

Tapping and holding on an exercise will make it change color, meaning that you can move it and change the order of it within the workout.

Each exercise has a menu button located at its right-hand side (the three dots). Tapping this shows a menu of actions you can take:

  • Superset with the previous/next exercise

  • View a progress chart of the exercise

  • Delete the exercise from the workout

Details tab

This tab is pretty simple. It allows you to give your workouts a title, a duration, and make any notes you might have.

Coach tab

Another simple one - if you have a coach writing your workouts for you within the app, then any notes they write for you will appear here.

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